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Ending Poverty Starts Locally

In July, FCM released the report Ending Poverty Starts Locally which outlines municipal recommendations for a Canadian povery reduction strategy.

Infrastructure Phase II

The Investing in Canada Plan will provide more than $180 billion in infrastructure funding over 12 years.  It will invest in the following area:  public transit; green infrastructure; social infrastructure; trade and transportation; and infrastructure in rural and northern communities.

More information can be found in a letter than Minister Sohi sent to Minister Biggar on July 6, 2017.

FCM Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP)

Municipalities across Canada can now apply for grants of up to one million dollars for capital projects that will help them adapt to climate change impacts, such as flooding, extreme temperatures and drought, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Applications for capital project funding will be accepted year round.  Details about the program and funding opportunities are available at FCM Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program

FCM Green Municipal Fund (GMF)

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities Green Municipal Fund finances capital projects that improve air, water and soil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The eligibility criteria are flexible so you can determine the best ways to achieve your environmental goals. 

The deadline to apply for the Green Municipal Fund is August 1, 2017.

CAMA CAO Performance Evaluation Toolkit

The Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators recently developed a CAO Performance Evaluation Toolkit.  Check it out here.

FPEIM President attends Local Government Summit

FPEIM President Bruce MacDougall joined his association colleagues across the country in discussions about the future of municipal governments at the second annual Local Government Summit.  The Summit was held on June 1, 2017, in Ottawa, in advance of a conference for provincial and territorial minister of municipal affairs scheduled for July in Regina.

Funding Available through Municipal Asset Management Program

New funding is available to help strengthen  Canadian municipalities through smart infrastructure planning.  This program is a $50 million initiative funded by the Government of Canada and delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.  Applications will be accessible year round and details can be found online:  Municipal Asset Management Program.

2017 FPEIM Annual Meeting

The Federation of PEI Municipalities held its 60th Annual Meeting at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel on Monday, April 24, 2017.  There was a full day program enjoyed by almost 150 delegates.  Guests and speakers included Clark Somerville, President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, Premier Wade MacLauchlan, Opposition Leader Jamie Fox, Leader of the Green Party, Dr. Peter Bevan-Baker and RCMP Chief Superintendent Joanne Crampton.  All ten members of the Provincial Cabinet participated in the Cabinet Ministers Forum.  Delegates heard presentations on the Draft Building Codes  and Water Acts and an update on the Municipal Government Act.  An entertaining and thought provoking after lunch address was provided by key-note speaker, Mayor Pam Mood of Yarmouth, NS.

FPEIM issued this press release.

Building Codes Act Receives First Reading

The Building Codes Act has received first reading by the PEI Legislature.  It can be found here.

FCM says Federal budget a game-changer for municipalities

FCM says that Federal Budget 2017 is a game-changer for cities and communities.  Budget 2017 includes these key recommendations put forward by FCM and Canada's municipal leaders:

  • a transformational transit plan
  • significant housing investment
  • growth plan for rural Canada
  • support for local green innovation.

To learn more, read FCM's budget response.

 More information on Budget 2017 can be found here.

Climate Change Mitigation Recommendations Report

The Government of Prince Edward Island understands the need for all provinces and territories in Canada to play their part to mitigate or reduce the harmful impacts of climate change.  For more information, check out the PEI Climate Change Mitigation Strategy Recommendations.

Apply today for new climate change grants

Is your municipality looking for ways to take action on climate change? New funding from FCM’s Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program can help. You can now apply for up to $175,000 for plans and studies to prepare for the realities of climate change, including colder winters, hotter summers, extreme storms and droughts, and take steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program is offered through FCM and funded by the Government of Canada. Learn more and apply today.


Draft Water Act

The province of PEI has released the draft water act.  Public consultation is now open.  Public meetings will be held and submissions can be made online.  Online submissions will be accepted until April 18, 2017.

FPEIM Releases Restructuring Toolkit


FCM releases pre-budget submission

FCM recently released Seizing the Moment which contains its recommendations on the 2017 federal Budget.  FCM recommends the following in the document:

  • Fixing Canada's housing crisis
  • Revolutionizing Canadian transit
  • Scaling up local green innovation.

FCM's press release can be viewed here.

Municipal Government Act

Replacing the outdated acts governing municipalities with modern legislation has been one of the Federation's top priorities for many years. The Municipal Government Act was passed on December 15, 2016, which was the last day of the 2016 fall sitting of the Legislative Assembly.  The Act will be proclaimed after the regulations have been completed, which is expected to take several months.

Crime Prevention and Policing Service Model Review

The Crime Prevention and Police Service Model Review was released on December 13, 2016.  The news release can be found here

A background document can be found here.

A Framework for the Legalization and Regulation of Cannabis in Canada

The final report of the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation can be found here.

Municipal Government Act in the Legislature

The Municipal Government Act is currently being discussed in the Legislature.  The proposed Act can be found here.

Municipal Leaders Talk Infrastructure on Parliament Hill

Town of Cornwall Councillor Irene Dawson was recently on Parliament Hill to discuss local infrastructure with Federal politicians.   Dawson was there representing PEI as member of the Board of Directors of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM).

Please read the full news release here.

FPEIM makes presentation to the Standing Committee on Communities, Land and Environment

On November 9, 2016, the FPEIM Executive was invited to make a presentation to the Standing Committee on Communities, Land and Environment on municipal restructuring. 

Federation Applauds Increased Infrastructure Spending

In a news release, the Federation of PEI Municipalities President Bruce MacDougall applauded the increase in infrastructure spending announced in the federal government's fall fiscal update.

FPEIM Vice-President Diane Griffin Appointed to Senate

On October 27, 2016 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that FPEIM Vice-President Cities/Towns Diane Griffin had been appointed to the Canadian Senate to represent Prince Edward Island.  FPEIM President Bruce MacDougall and the entire Board of Directors extend their congratulations to Diane.  "A big loss for PEI Municipalities," said President MacDougall of the appointment, "but a tremendous gain for the Senate!"


National Disaster Mitigation Program

The deadline to apply for the National Disaster Mitigation Program is October 31, 2016.  Funding is available for risk assessments, flood mapping, mitigation planning and investments in non-structural and small-scale structural mitigation projects.  Please visit the Public Safety Canada website for more information.

FPEIM Board of Directors Meets With Minister

FPEIM Board of Directors with Hon. Robert Mitchell (seated, second from right)

The Board of Directors of the Federation of PEI Municipalities held its annual meeting with Hon. Robert Mitchell, Minister of Communities, Land and Environment.  The meeting was held on Wednesday September 28, 2016 at the Inn on the Hill in Charlottetown.  This scheduled annual event provides a forum for a free, open  and informal exchange on issues identified by the Federation.  The format allows the Minister to update FPEIM on the current status of progress on these issues.
The topics addressed during this meeting included municipal finances, the Draft Municipal Government Act, province wide Municipal Incorporation, consultation between the Federation and the Provincial Government and changes to the planning appeals process.  Both Minister Mitchell and FPEIM  President Bruce MacDougall expressed the thought that the meeting was a valuable exercise and that they can continue to work closely together on the many issues that are before them.

New Municipal Government Act Overview

The Municipal Affairs Section of the Department of Communities, Land and Environment have created several information sheets to highlight many of the changes included in the proposed Act.

Municipal Government Act Consultations

The Department of Communities, Land and Environment issued a news release to announce formal consultations on the the proposed new Municipal Government Act.  Information sheets have been prepared on a dozen topics to highlight many of the changes included in the proposed Act.  That information is now available on the Department's Municipal Government Act web page.   The Department will be arranging meetings with municipalities as part of the consultation process and comments can be made by municipalities and the public through the feedback button on the web page.  The province has also prepared a short video.

Read FPEIM's
news release here.

Canada and PEI Reach Agreement Under New Federal Infrastructure Funding Programs

On August 3, 2016, the Honourable Lawrence MacAulay, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, on behalf of the Honourable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities, the Honourable H. Wade MacLauchlan, Premier of Prince Edward Island and the Honourable Paula Biggar, Prince Edward Island Minister of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy announced a bilateral agreement that will make more than $112 million in combined funding available under two new federal programs – the Clean Water and Wastewater Fund and the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund – and supported by provincial government infrastructure programs. The federal government is providing up to 50% of funding for the projects supported through these programs. The provincial government and municipalities provide the balance of funding.

Further details on the announcement are available here.

Have your say on Canada's Infrastructure plan!

The Government of Canada is inviting you to share your ideas on community, green, public transit, and social infrastructure. Visit anytime between July 20 and mid-September to share your thoughts and ideas.

 Your input will help contribute to the development of Phase 2 of the Government of Canada’s infrastructure plan, which will help shape the future of Canada’s infrastructure.


Additional Funding for the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program

The federal government has released details regarding an additional $150 million for the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Fund. The additional funding will support projects under two common themes: a clean-growth economy or a better future for indigenous peoples.   The program will provide up to 50 per cent of funding to provincial, territorial, municipal and regional governments, Aboriginal organizations and non-profit organizations to renovate, expand or rehabilitate community and cultural infrastructure, including trails and bike paths. Projects must be completed by March 2018, although preference may be given to projects that can be completed by the end of the 2017 construction season.
More information on the intake and selection process for eligible projects is available through the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Provincial Infratructure Fund Cut

PEI’s 2016 Budget has slashed a $1.8 million Provincial Infrastructure Fund and Island municipalities and their residents will bear the brunt of this unexpected action. 

FPEIM's media release can be found here.


2016 Federal Budget

FPEIM President, Bruce MacDougall joined FCM and municipalities across the country in applauding Budget 2016 as good news for municipalities.  Read more


New Revenue Framework Expected for 2017

Municipalities and the Province of PEI are working on a new revenue framework expected to be in place for 2017.  See media release.

Informing the Future: The 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card

The 2016 Canadian Infrastructure Report Card was released today.  The report can be found on FCM's website here.

FPEIM makes presentation on the Water Act

FPEIM recently made a presentation to the Environmental Advisory Council on the proposed adoption of a Water Act.  The presentaiton can be found here.

Three Rivers Area releases study

Seven municipalities in Kings County commissioned a study to examine the potential benefits of a regional approach to local governance.  The report "Stronger Together:  Building a Sustainable Future for the Three Rivers Region" has been released, but the municipalities emphasize in a news release that the real work is just beginning.

Minister Mitchell makes statement on municipal viability

On November 26th, the Honourable Robert Mitchell, Minister of Communities, Land and Environment issued a statement on municipal viability.  An excerpt from the PEI Legislative Assembly Hansard can be found here.  FPEIM responded to the statement with a media release.

FPEIM holds semi-annual meeting

The Federation of PEI Municipalities held its semi annual meeting on Saturday, November 14, 2015.  There were lots of great discussions on topics such as the building code, water act consultations, municipal boundaries, and communications.  The President's report can be found here.

FCM's response to the Federal election

FCM has issued a press release following the Federal election.  They have also released the document election campaign by the numbers.

Mandate letter for the Minister of Communities, Land and Environment

To enhance the transparency and accountability of government, Ministerial mandate letters have been posted online.  These letters outline the strategic priorities of each department.  The mandate letter for the Minister of Communities, Land and Environment can be found here.

FPEIM Board meet with Minister Mitchell

The FPEIM Board met with the Honourable Robert Mitchell, Minister of Communities, Land and Environment on October 15, 2015. 

FPEIM Board and Minister Mitchell

Councillor Brent Gallant, Summerside; Deputy Mayor Rodney Mann, Kensington; President Bruce MacDougall, Summerside; Honourable Robert Mitchell, Minister of Communities, Land and Environment; Vice-Chairperson Peter Vriends, North Shore; Councillor Stephen Gould, New Haven-Riverdale; Councillor Diane Griffin, Stratford; Mayor David MacDonald, Souris; Councillor Gwen Wyand, Resort Municipality; and Councillor Mitchell Tweel, Charlottetown

State of Rural Canada Report

The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation released its State of Rural Canada Report.  To reach the chapter on PEI, click here.  For the full report, click here.

Province to Engage Municipalities on New Revenue Model

The Government of Prince Edward Island has announced its intention to engage municipalities to develop a new provincial revenue model that is predictable and enables the delivery of appropriate local services to Island cities, towns and communities.

“Government is committed to working together with Island municipalities to arrive at a revenue model that is predictable and reflects the levels of service provided to residents,” said Finance Minister Allen Roach. “Greater predictability in the amount of provincial revenue will assist municipalities at budget time to deliver the best services and infrastructure to Islanders in a cost-efficient manner.”

The announcement was made in a press release on September 16, 2015.

Province Invites Islanders to Participate in Creation of Water Act

The Government of Prince Edward Island has invited the public to contribute to the development of a Water Act. The Environmental Advisory Council will host consultations for the proposed Water Act and report back to the Minister of Communities, Land and Environment.

More details are available hereA copy of the press release is available here.

FPEIM is preparring its own submission as part of the consultation process.  If you wish to have input into the FPEIM submission please feel free to contact us.

Town of Stratford launches Global Government Project

The Town of Stratford has launched a new initiative to improve governance locally, regionally and globally.  For more information, check out the news release and the website.

The proposal for the project can be found here.

New Report Highlights Water Priorities for Sustainable and Resilient Communities in Canada

The Canadian Water Network's (CWN) has issued a report that leads the national discussion on what municipalities need, want and can address in order to collectively move forward as sustainable water communities.  More information can be found on the CWN website.

FCM calls for a national leaders debate

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is calling for a national leaders debate.  A petition calling for this can be signed here.  More information can be found here.

Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program

Municipalities are eligible to apply for funding under the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program.  Information on this can be found here.

June is Recreation Month

June is Recreation Month in PEI!.  Check out Go!PEI's website for more details.

New FCM report on the housing crisis

FCM has issued a new report on the growing housing crisis in Canada.  The report is available at the following link:

Built to Last: Strengthening the Foundations of Housing in Canada

Blueprint for Cities

FCM calls for the federal government to invest in cities.  Visit their new website and endorse the Blueprint for Cities.

FPEIM launches new website -

FPEIM has launched a new website - to build awareness of the need to strengthen municipalities.  The news release can be found here.

FPEIM Provides Information on Municipal Issues to all Provincial Candidates

The Federation of PEI Municipalities has provided information on municipal issues to all candidates standing for election in the May 4, 2015 Provincial Election.  A package highlighting key issues has been sent to each candidate.

FCM responds to Federal Budget 2015

FCM has released this statement and analysis of the federal budget.

FCM Annual Conference and Trade Show

The FCM Annual Conference and Trade Show will be held in Edmonton, Alberta from June 5-8.  This conference is the largest pan-Canadian gathering of elected municipal leaders.

FPEIM Calls on Political Parties To Focus on Strengthening Municipalities

The Federation of PEI Municipalities is calling on all of PEI’s political parties to make the strengthening of Island municipalities a key part of their 2015 election platforms.

FPEIM Executive members meet with Liberal Leader Wade MacLauchlan (top left); Conservative Leader Rob Lantz (top right); Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker (bottom left); and NDP Leader Mike Redmond (bottom right)  during 2015 Provincial Election campaign. 

A copy of FPEIM's Election 2015 news release is available here.  Diane Griffin, Vice-President of Cities/Towns, FPEIM submitted an opinion letter to The Guardian. 


Strengthening Canada Through our Hometowns

FCM has delivered recommendations for Budget 2015 to the Federal Minister of Finance in its submission, Strengthening Canada through our Hometowns.

Removing Barriers to Young Women's Participation in Local Governments

In honor of International Women Day, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities launched The Head Start Guide to encourage young women’s participation in local government.
"Women make an invaluable contribution and our communities and our country cannot afford to miss out on the insights and expertise of half its citizens," said Brad Woodside, President of FCM.
Share FCM's guide and toolkit with all the amazing women that are part of your network!

Mayors of Canada's Big Cities call on federal parties to spell out a serious plan for building Canada's future through its cities

The mayors of Canada's biggest cities made a united call today for a new focus from federal political parties on building Canada's future through its cities.  The press release can be found  here.  Check out FCM's website for more information.

Municipal Orientation 2015 a success

The full day session was well attended on Saturday, January 10, 2015.  Andre Daigle, Droit Juris Law, Centre for Excellence in Governance spoke about Roles & Responsibilities for the morning.  Delegates heard from Perlene Morrison, Partner, Stewart McKelvey, on Conflict of Interest & Liability in the afternoon.  Rob Philpott, Chief Financial Officer, City of Summerside, made a presentation on Municipal Finance.

Delegates at the Municipal Orientation Session 2015

FPEIM Holds Semi-Annual Meeting

The Federation of PEI Municipalities held its successful 2014 Semi-Annual Meeting on Saturday November 29, 2014 at the Centre Expo-Festival in Abram-Village.

Delegates at the 2014 Semi-Annual Meeting

Delegates were addressed by both PEI Minister of Finance, Energy and Municipal Affairs, the Hon. Wes Sheridan and Egmont M.P. and National Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, the Hon. Gail Shea.  Presentations covered such topics as the Report of the Task Force on Land Use Policy, The Federation of Canadian Municipalities Hometown Proud initiative, FPEIM's Communication Strategy, Crime Stoppers and Municipal Opportunities for Tourism Development.

Vice-President Diane Griffin delivered the President's Report at the meeting.  The report can be found here.

FCM launches Hometown Proud Campaign

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) has  launched its #HOMETOWNPROUD campaign. FCM’s goal with this campaign is to enlist the support of Canadians to start a conversation about hometowns and offer solutions to hometown issues.
The campaign launched on Tuesday, November 18, and kicked-off with a contest to encourage Canadians to share their stories and photos. Through the support of Air Canada, the winner of the contest will win two tickets to bring a loved one home. The contest runs until January 13, 2015.

FCM asks that you support the launch of the campaign in three ways:

  • Register for the campaign on the website ( and share your hometown proud story and photo.
  • Tweet about the campaign to your followers today, and beyond.
  • Make use of the tools available on he website to help promote the Hometown Proud Campaign in your hometowns.

FCM will be announcing weekly contest finalists based on votes. Please watch the site at .

Sustainable Growth Management and Service Provision Strategy

A Sustainable Growth Management and Service Provision Strategy has been completed for the Town of O'Leary. The study area includes the Town of O’Leary and the surrounding unincorporated properties that share a common interest in the quality and affordability of regional and municipal services.  A copy of the report is available by clicking here.


Statement by FCM President following the release of the final text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA)

Mayor Brad Woodside, President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) recently released a statement regarding the announcement of the Canada-EU trade agreement.  This statement can be found here.  FCM has ensured that the final agreement would be consistent with their seven principles on free and fair international trade by working closely with the federal governemnt, particularly the Minister of International Trade, Ed Fast, during Canada's negotiations with the E.U.   More information about the Canada-EU trade agreement can be found here.

FPEIM Congratulates Communities on Amalgamation

The Federation of PEI Municipalities has congratulated the councils of Bedeque and Central Bedeque on their decision to amalgamate the two communities.  In a press release, President Bruce MacDougall noted that the Federation met with the councils when they first began talking about this idea, and he was impressed with the dialogue that took place.  "The councils were looking at what would be best for residents in the long-term, and I commend them for moving ahead," he said.   "We need strong, sustainable municipalities across the Island, and these councils have taken an important step forward." 

Read the full news release here.

A news report in the Charlottetown Guardian is available here.

Municipal Elections November 3, 2014


Prince Edward Island municipalities elect new Councils on Monday November 3, 2014.

Visit the PEI Department of Municipal Affairs Municipal Elections 2014 website for further information.

Heritage Builds Resilience: Heritage Canada The National Trust Conference 2014, Charlottetown, October 2 to 4, 2014

Heritage Builds Resilience: The Heritage Canada The National Trust Annual Conference, in association with the Canadian Association of Heritage Professionals (CAHP|ACECP), and in collaboration with PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation is being held in Charlottetown from October 2 - 4, 2014 at the Confederation Centre of the Arts.  Further details are available here.

A separate Fundraising Workshop, Strategies for Fundraising: Sustaining Heritage, Museum, Arts and Culture Organizations, is being held on October 1-2 in conjunction with the Conference.   Details about the Workshop are available here.

CHRA Launches Report:

The Canadian Housing and Renewal Aassociation has  released a significant new report, the cornerstone of the “Housing For All: Social housing for people in need” campaign. The Report initiates a call on the federal government to reinvest in social housing to ensure it is available, protected and eventually expanded for the low-income individuals and families in communities across Canada who cannot afford other housing options. A copy of the report is available here or visit the website.

Report of the Task Force on Land Use Policy

The Province has released the Report of the Task Force on Land Use Policy.  The news release can be found here.  FPEIM's submission to the Task Force can be found here.

Province of PEI to Introduce a Water Act

The Department of Environment, Labour and Justice has announced that it will introduce a water act.  A copy of the news release can be found here.

Gas Tax Fund Agreement Signed

 On Friday, June 13, 2014, the Honourable Gail Shea, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, and Member of Parliament for Egmont, and Robert Vessey, Prince Edward Island Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, signed an agreement for the renewed federal Gas Tax Fund.  The Province issued a press release and the agreement can be found here.

FCM Launches Campaign on Hometown Champions

One of the key messages at FCM's recent annual conference was the need for more hometown champions.  For more information or to sign up, please check out FCM's website.

Robert Hughes Elected as President of CAMA

FPEIM congratulates Robert Hughes, Chief Administrative Officer of the Town of Stratford, on being elected President of the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) at the association’s recent annual general meeting in Niagara Falls, ON.

CAMA is a national, non-profit association open to municipal Chief Administrative Officers/Managers and senior appointed officials.  The organization has approximately 500 members from all parts of Canada.  This is the first time someone from PEI has held this position.

 FPEIM's press release can be found here.

FCM Elects New Board

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) held its annual conference in Niagara Falls recently.  At this meeting, Mayor Bradley Woodside was elected President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. 

Councillor Irene Dawson, Town of Cornwall, was elected as one of PEI's representatives on the FCM Board.  The other FCM Board seat is reserved for the FPEIM President. 

Congratulations to all newly elected Board members.  A list of the 2014-2015 FCM Board can be found here.

AGM 2014 Presentations Available

Copies of the presentations made to FPEIM's 2014 Annual meeting, held in Kensington on April 28, 2014 are now available on this website in .pd format.  Click here.

FCM Sustainable Communities Awards

The 2015 call for applications for FCM Sustainable Communities Awards is now open. Find out if your municipality and project are eligible and apply now!  The deadline to apply is June 16, 2014.

New Building Canada Fund

On Friday, March 28, 2014, the Government of Canada launched the New Building Canada Fund (NBCF) a $14 billion, 10 year plan to invest in provincial, territorial and municipal infrastructure.  The news release is available by clicking here and the Infrastructure Canada website is available here

RBC Learn to Play Grant Program

Information on the RBC Learn to Play Grant program can be found on the website.  The deadline to apply for a program grant is May 16, 2014.

FCM Annual Conference and Trade Show

This year's FCM Annual Conference and Trade Show will be held in Niagara Falls.  To receive the earlybird discount, you must register by 11:59 pm EST on April 14, 2014.  More information on the conference can be found here.

PEI Environmental Awards

Nominations are being accepted for the PEI Environmental Awards until May 1, 2014.  For more information, check out the website.

PEI Fire Services Environmental Scan and Gap Analysis

The PEI Fire Services Environmental Scan and Gap Analysis has been released.  A copy of this report can be found here.

FCM's Analysis of the New Building Canada Fund

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has produced an analysis of the New Building Canada Fund, explaining its implications for cities and communities.  The Prime Minister’s announcement on February 13, 2014 brought cities and communities closer to accessing new infrastructure funding by April 1.  Still,  FCM has concerns with some details of the New Building Canada Fund and how it can be used to meet local needs over its ten-year duration.

A copy of FCM's analysis is available here.

FCM's Analysis of Federal Budget 2014

The Government of Canada tabled the 2014 budget in Parliament on February 11, 2014.  Read the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' budget analysis here.

Fixing Canada's Housing Crunch

FCM has launched a national campaign calling on all orders of government in Canada to focus on the high cost of housing, the most urgent financial issue facing Canadians.  To view the news release click here.  For additional information visit the Fixing Canada's Housing Crunch website.

 The FPEIM Board adopted a resolution at the November Board meeting and sent a letter to Honourable Jason Kenney.  The letter and resolution can be found here.

FCM Sustainable Communities Conference - Registration Now Open

Canada’s most popular municipal sustainability conference is back with new ideas, new energy and a new venue with a distinctly Atlantic flavour in 2014 — and we’re looking forward to seeing you there. Join us at the 2014 FCM Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show (SCC) from February 11 – 13 in Charlottetown, PE!


Click here for more details.

FCM statement on the 2013 Speech from the Throne

Following the presentation of the 2013 speech from the throne on Wednesday evening, October 16, 2013, Federation of Canadian Municipalities  President Claude Dauphin issued this statement summarizing FCM’s assessment of the speech and its implications for our priority issues.


Letter to the Prime Minister from FCM President

The federal government is preparing the speech from the throne that will open the next session of Parliament.  In this letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Federation of Canadian Municipalities President Claude Dauphin  outlines FCM's priorities for the government to consider.


Funding Announcement: Youth Justice Fund

The Department of Justice Canada is accepting proposals under the Youth Justice Fund, Guns, Gangs and Drugs component for new project proposals to respond to youth  involved in the justice system and involved in, or vulnerable to, gun, gang and drug activities.


For more details, click here.

FPEIM Holds Bylaw Workshop


Thirty-five registered participants took part in a full day Bylaw Workshop on Wednesday September 18, 2013.  The session, organized by the Federation of Prince Edward Island Municipalities, was held at the newly renovated Miltonvale Park Community Centre.

The workshop was presented by André Daigle, of the Law Firm of Chaisson & Roy.

The session focussed on the essential elements for a municipality to consider before adopting a by-law, as well as what must be done afterwards. Examples and discussions were draw from case law and some of the more common Island bylaws, such as unsightly premises, building, noise and animal control.

FCM and Canada's Democracy Week

As part of the 2013 Jack Layton Fellowship Program,the  Federation of Canadian Municipalities  is partnering with Elections Canada on Canada's Democracy Week, an annual event to increase civic engagement among youth. Canada's Democracy Week is September 16-23, 2013 and this year's theme is "Connect With Democracy."

FCM is sponsoring the main prize for Canada's Democracy Week's National Democracy Challenge, a contest for youth to demonstrate their commitment to democratic engagement. The contest runs from September 16 to November 16, 2013. FCM is offering the winner a trip for two to FCM's 2014 Annual Conference and Trade Show in Niagara Falls.

Details are avilable on FCM's website.

Task Force on Land Use Policy has launched an on-line survey

The Task Force on Land Use Policy has launched an on-line survey ( to better understand public opinion about land use in Prince Edward Island.


This is a great opportunity to tell the Task Force how you feel about land use as it relates to water quality issues, protecting resource lands and natural areas, preserving landscapes and building sustainable communities.  The input from the survey will provide the Task Force with a greater understanding of public opinion on these issues as it establishes a new direction for land use in the province.


The Task Force held a series of public consultations earlier this year. It will be continuing these consultations this fall, with a final report to government in January. Provincial land use policies will set the direction for how land is used and how development takes place in Prince Edward Island.


The survey is available on-line at  Paper copies of the survey can be obtained by contacting the Municipal Affairs and Provincial Planning Division at (902) 620-3558 or


FCM Green Municipal Fund Update

Is your municipality planning for a more sustainable future? You may be eligible for a grant from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' Green Municipal Fund. Grants are available for:   

  • Sustainable neighbourhood action plans targeting energy, waste and water management, land use and sustainable transportation.
  • Community brownfield action plans to identify priority redevelopment zones and opportunities.
  • Greenhouse gas reduction plans to take action on climate change.

GMF grants cover up to 50 per cent of eligible costs to a maximum of $175,000. Applications for plans are reviewed in a non-competitive process against established criteria.  GMF funding is available to all municipal governments and their partners in eligible projects. In 2013–2014, FCM aims to approve a total of $6 million in grants for eligible plans, studies and tests.
Visit FCM's website for more information on GMF funding for plans, or contact them at

E-learning opportunity: Adapting your infrastructure to climate change

FCM and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) have developed an e-learning course to help municipal staff and service providers learn about adapting critical infrastructure to severe weather and a changing climate.  For additional information, visit the FCM website.


Union of Quebec Municipalities Issues Appeal for Lac-Megantic

Mayor Éric Forest of Rimouski, president of the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ),has issued an appeal to the entire municipal sector for solidarity in helping the town of Lac-Mégantic and its residents rebuild their community in the wake of the tragedy caused by the July 5 derailment and explosion of an oil tanker train.

Read the entire appeal here.

Letter to the Editor - Federal Workforce Reduction

FPEIM President Bruce MacDougall's Letter to the Editor on the issue of Federal Workforce Reduction was published in The Guardian on Saturday June 29, 2013.

A presentation on the issue was made at FPEIM's Semi-Annual Meeting held in North Rustico in January 2013.

FCM Releases The State of Canada's Cities and Communities 2013: Opening a New Chapter

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities released The State of Canada's Cities and Communities 2013: Opening a New Chapter at its 2013 Annual Conference. The report calls for a new strategic federal-municipal partnership.  For the executive summary click here.

Statement by FPEIM President in Response to Minister's Comment

A statement from FPEIM President Bruce MacDougall in response  to comments reported in the Guardian and the Journal Pioneer on May 4.

Click here to see full press release.

First Municipal Wastewater Quarterly Reports Due May 15

Municipalities are reminde they must submit their first quarterly report under the new Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulations by May 15, 2013. Reporting deadlines are available on the Environment Canada website. All reports should be submitted through the Effluent Regulatory Reporting Information System (ERRIS). Reporting entities must create an account to upload information.

FCM's overview is available here.

Charlottetown Mayor Recognized with Canadian Sport Tourism Award

City of Charlottetown Mayor Clifford Lee was recognized by the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA) as the recipient of its 2013 CSTA President’s Award during its annual Sport Events Congress in held Ottawa.   Read further details here.

Statement by FCM president in response to the federal budget

The statement released by FCM President Karen Leibovici in response to the tabling of the federal budget and FCM's budget analysis are available at the following links:

Summerside Wins Sustainablity Award

The Canadian Federation of Municipalities honoured the City of Summerside on Thursday February 14, for its energy initiatives with a Sustainable Community Award at the 2013 Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show held in Windsor, Ontario.

Summerside received the award for its wind farm and Smart Grid Meter Pilot Program.

View a video on the Summerside Program here.

FCM's 2014  Sustainable Communities Conference and Trade Show will be held in Charlottetown.

Municipal Orientation Sessions Continue


Participants at the first Municipal Orientation 2013 Session held on Feb. 2, 2013 at the North Shore Community Centre.

The first of two Municipal Orientation 2013 Sessions was held on Saturday February 2 at the North Shore Community Centre.  Over eighty delegates were registered for this session.

The second of the two sessions is scheduled for Saturday March 2, 2013 at the Linkletter Community Centre.  The sessions are jointly hosted by FPEIM and the Municipal Affairs Branch.


FCM Releases New Toolkits for Mentoring Young Women Interested in Municipal Affairs

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities Women in Local Government Program has announced the publication of toolkits for the Protégé Program. These guides and templates can now be accessed and used by any municipality wanting to increase women’s participation in municipal government by starting a mentorship program for young women in their communities.

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medals

On February 6, 2012, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II marked the 60th anniversary of her accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada. To celebrate Her Majesty’s 60 years of service, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal was announced as a way to recognize outstanding Canadians. The medals provided an opportunity to honour exceptional Canadians for their contributions to their fellow citizens, to our communities and to our country.

The Federation of Prince Edward Island Municipalities was granted the privilege of nominating six recipients of ths unique honour and to recognize outstanding municipal leaders.

On October 30, 2012 the Honourable H. Frank Lewis, Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island presented five of the medals at historic Government House in Charlottetown.  The sixth medal was presented by FPEIM President Bruce MacDougall to David Campbell who was unable to attend the ceremony at Government House.

From left: Basil Stewart, Gwen Wyand, Bruce MacDougall, the Honourable H. Frank Lewis, Irene Dawson, Stan Campbell (Missing from photo: David Campbell)

From left: David Campbell, Bruce MacDougall

FCM Releases Video - Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge


The Federation of Canadian Municipalities has posted a new video about the importance of municipal infrastructure on their Infrastructure Challenge Blog. Take a look at the video, share it with members of your community, and encourage them to use the Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge website to send a message to Members of Parliament. As the blog says, more correspondence about infrastructure that MPs receive from Canadians, the more influence FCM’s campaign will have.

Municipal Leaders Meet With MPs

Federation of PEI Municipalities President, Bruce MacDougall, joined more than 100 other municipal leaders from across the country for meetings with Members of Parliament, to continue the dialogue about a new long-term infrastructure plan.  The meetings were part of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) meetings in Ottawa which ran from November 20 to 23, 2012.

Read FPEIM's Press Release on the meeting here.

FPEIM asks Federal Government to Take Another Look at EI Reform

FPEIM President Bruce Macdougall issued a press release on November 15, 2012 as part of FPEIM's efforts to convince the Federal Government to reconsider some of the announced reforms to the Employment Insurance Progrm.  President MacDougall has written to the Honourable Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development to express the Federation's concerns.

Read the press release here and the letter to the Minister here.

FCM's Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge

Federation of Canadian Municipalities has launched The Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge as the next phase of the Federation's efforts to make sure the new long-term infrastructure plan is part of the 2013 federal budget, and that it meets the needs of our cities and communities.

For more information on the challenge visit the Great Canadian Infrastructure Challenge website.


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